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Sonixphere and APG Partner to Launch STIR

Industry Pros Offer Sonic Counsel, Top Tier Audio Post Talent and Bundling in Stylish New Digs

Chicago – June 5, 2014 – Audio production industry pros Greg Allan, David Kaplan and Mindy Verson have partnered to launch STIR Post Audio, a full service audio post and sound design resource with two locations at 445 East Ohio Street, and 200 N. Dearborn Street. The new venture combines the vast experience of the three partners and disrupts the audio post arena in the Windy City by offering ad and film clients a choice of three studios spread across two agency-friendly locations in Streeterville and the Theatre District. Clients will reap the creative benefits of working with multiple award-winning engineers/mixers/sound designers and have the luxury of streamlining the entire audio process, including original music, by opting to bundle music through Allan’s sonic content company, Sonixphere.

LA-based engineer/mixer/sound designer Amber Tisue, has been recruited to helm the console in Studio A at the Streeterville studio. Audio Producers Group head engineer/mixer/sound designer Peter Erazmus commandeers the console at the Theatre District location. The partners are scouting a third engineer for Studio B at the Streeterville location.

Allan, Kaplan and Verson all share deep roots in the global ad and film industry and have extensive backgrounds in all aspects of audio post. Proven entities, they have helmed their own their own successful companies for years and are well-respected in the industry. Allan is also the CEO and Creative Director of Sonixphere, a global resource for music and sound he launched in 2011. Kaplan and Verson have been partners in APG for the past 10 years. At STIR Post Audio, Kaplan and Verson will commute between both locations as Executive Producers, and Allan will steer business development.

“The three of us got together to fill a need in the marketplace that offers clients more choices and flexibility in terms of where, when and with whom they want to work,” says Allan. “There’s also been uptick in interest in streamlining the entire audio process by offering bundling. We’re also raising the creative bar in this town by bringing in Amber Tisue, who is immensely talented, a pleasure to work with, and someone who hears things differently than any other mixers in town. It was hard to get her to pick her life up and move it to Chicago, but she saw an opportunity to become part of this new collaboration and we’re thrilled to introduce her to the creatives here in town.”

The new Streeterville location is a sprawling 3400 square feet and features two custom built studios equipped with brand new state-of-the-art equipment. Decorated in mid-century modern style, reminiscent of Bauhaus, the space features concrete floors and has a “form meets function” aesthetic according to Verson. The commuter and public transportation-friendly Theatre District studio is a 27th floor aerie Manhattan-style loft with sweeping views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. Amenities include a full kitchen and balcony where clients can sit and relax, enjoy a beverage and take in the panoramas.

“Multiple rooms in two locations are a big sell,” says Verson. “as is the ability to offer clients expanded services like bundling music and high quality sound design and audio post. But at the end of the day, it’s the talent and the service that attracts and keeps clients.

“This is about industry veterans — APG and Sonixphere — joining forces to unveil a new business model that exceeds expectations and meets the needs of producers today,” adds Kaplan. “We know the business process inside and out. By expanding our services to offer multiple studios in two locations, quality work by top talent, and streamlining the work flow, we can ease stress and deliver a pleasurable and remarkable audio post experience with cohesive and impactful results,” says Kaplan. “People trust us; they will know we have raised the stakes, and they know we’re going to take care of them. We plan on STIRring it up for a very long time to come.”

  1. 01 Ghosts of California 1:04
  2. 02 Crystalline Reflections 0:46
  3. 03 Marigold Dreams 0:35
  4. 04 A Solstice For Mary 1:41
  5. 05 Heart Rush 0:33
  6. 06 My Whimsical Bicycle 0:54
  7. 07 Bedside Poet 0:32
  8. 08 Pavement Posse 0:34
  9. 09 Blue Box Beat Machine 1:04
  10. 10 Adventures In My Head 0:31
  11. 11 Cityscape Cinematique 1:37
  12. 12 Five AM Renaissance 2:00
  13. 13 Hunky Dory 0:33
  14. 14 Denim Days 0:32
  15. 15 Starry Skied Spectacle 0:35
  16. 16 Dirty Kicks 0:34
  17. 17 Soul Crash Heartbeat 0:30
  18. 18 Cloud Animals Coming To Life 0:58
  19. 19 Tha Godfathas Git Down 0:30