Sonixphere is an award-winning music production company specializing in Original Music, Audio Branding, Library Music, TV Music, Branded Content, and Sound Design. We are one of the most diversified music houses in the country, with an amazing composer roster. Our Library Music contains thousands of licensable tracks covering nearly every genre imaginable.

We always do whatever it takes to make our clients happy, and we never take your business for granted.


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Apploff Entertainment – Sonic ID

Sonixphere Audio Branded the Los Angeles production company Apploff Entertainment.  Apploff is best known for their high profile game shows such as "Don't Forget The Lyrics."  Their distinctive Audio Brand had to be musically memorable, as well as score the visual elements of their logo....

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Columbia Sportswear – Anti-Spokesman

Columbia Sportswear needed an over-the-top introduction to their newest line of cold-weather clothing, and they did so by teaming up with Sonixphere and the Dutch daredevil Wim Hof!  Sonixphere created a chilling string quartet score that served to amplify the feelings of extreme cold that...

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Budweiser – Journey

The Year Of The Horse brought the famed Budweiser clydesdales to China for the first time in the country's history.  This epic spot marking that monumental occasion needed a piece of music with the gravitas to reflect the historic significance of the event.  Created in partnership...

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Froot Loops – Dino Dig

Dino Dig represents another successful audio collaboration between Sonixphere and Stir Post Audio.  Sonixphere's orchestral score provides the tension and ultimate release, while Stir's sound design brings the animation to life....