Sonixphere is an award-winning music production company specializing in Original Music, Audio Branding, Library Music, TV Music, Branded Content, and Sound Design. We are one of the most diversified music houses in the country, with an amazing composer roster. Our Library Music contains thousands of licensable tracks covering nearly every genre imaginable.

We always do whatever it takes to make our clients happy, and we never take your business for granted.


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OnStar – In-Car Audio Branding

With months of research and international testing, Sonixphere created the new audio branding of OnStar.  The sound is heard in every GM vehicle throughout the world as users press the OnStar button in their cars and trucks.  For more information on the process of corporate audio...

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Mazda Complete Audio Branding Campaign

"Zoom, Zoom, Zoom" is one of the most recognizable audio brands of all time, and yet another testament to the expertise of Sonixphere's Audio Branding team.  Truly a comprehensive campaign, "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom" has been used in television, radio, in-store, call-waiting service, and promotional events internationally....

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Hyundai Veloster

It's not every day a creative asks a music company to score a commercial… using dubstep.  But when they do they come to Sonixphere.  Our expertise in scoring and electronic music are put on display here....

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Ford Transit – 9 to 5ers

Sonixphere and Stir Post Audio partnered to break the all new Ford Transit campaign.  Sonixphere's driving bass and drums track was crafted to work perfectly with Stir's in-your-face sound design, all while leaving room for Dennis Leary's iconic voiceover....

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Dodge Ram – Episode: Shawn

“The music contributes beautifully in bringing out the unique personalities of the featured Ram owners yet maintains a synergistic musical campaign feel,” says producer Rob Farber. “Each score moves the story forward, and all of Sonixphere’s instrumental choices were spot on, felt organic and unforced....